Thursday, December 9, 2010

So much more than just a book about food....

I stumbled across this book while watching, you guessed it, Oprah! When a book is even mentioned on Oprah, let alone the author appears on a show, the world watches and rushes to the nearest book store to buy a copy. I'm always skeptical of this madness, but I also couldn't keep my eyes off the TV screen when author Geneen Roth spoke of her recent piece of literature. Months later, after I found it on sale at Borders, I bought the book and can honestly say that parts of it have changed my way I view myself, the world and every bite I put in my mouth. Is it a gripping, page turner? No. But, if you are patient and read it with purpose you will find several priceless lessons between the pages.

My First 10K Run!

When I thought about what I wanted to have as my first post on this new blog, it seemed like a good idea to start with the 10K race I will be doing in two days. This endeavor is both terrifying and exciting and I think it symbolically marks the start to a new road I will be running down in my life. I have never covered 6.2 miles on foot, but as the date draws closer I find myself trusting that my body can, and will, carry me farther than I give it credit for. In a strange way, I have begun to think of this race as a gauge to what other dreams and adventures I can pursue. If I can take off, leaving even just a little of my baggage at the starting gate, and successfully reach that finish line.....then anything is possible! I know it will take both mind and body and I hope a little peace finds me at mile 6!